The Lumiere Light Festival comes to the City of Durham for the third time this weekend and brings large scale projections, neon lights and light installations all used to create a nocturnal art trail through the city….here’s a small selection from earlier this evening….


Lumiere lights up Durham

‘Crown of Light’

A projection onto the Cathedral featuring illuminated manuscripts from the Lindisfarne Gospels

Lumiere lights up Durham

‘The Other Side of the Wall’

A visitor looks on at artwork created by sixty offenders from County Durham’s three prisons and one Young Offender’s Institution who worked with the artists to create this installation. Each participant was invited to fill two perspex boxes. One depicting moments from their past and another showing how they see their future.

Lumiere lights up Durham


A 3D optical illusion of an elephant is projected onto an archway

Lumiere lights up Durham


An atmospheric installation conjuring up the sights and sounds of an abandoned country fairground

Lumiere lights up Durham


Illuminated stick men come to life and invade the former Miner’s Hall in the City

Lumiere lights up Durham

‘Durham Lumiere’

Lanterns light up the river bank along the River Wear

Lumiere lights up Durham


An iconic red telephone box is transformed into an exotic fish tank


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