What started out in the morning as a steady fall of rain gradually turned into something far more torrential as the evening wore on and as night fell many residents of Saltburn were having some serious water related problems. Many watched as their homes and businesses began to succumb to the rain and started to fill up with the dirty brown water.

Roads turned into rivers. Grass banks began to slide away. Debris, branches and tree trunks clogged up many of the bridges over the rivers and streams creating a mass of confused interwoven dams. Some unwary or unlucky drivers felt the slow realisation that they weren’t going to make it through that flooded stretch and vehicles were left abandoned until the following morning.

As quickly as it arrived the rain ended and as the water levels started to drop the damage could be assessed and the clean up could begin.


The following are some of the pictures I shot through the evening and into the following day from the scenes around Saltburn…


Saltburn floodingA Mercedes car is washed off the main road as heavy floods surge into the Cat Nab car park area of Saltburn

Saltburn floodingTwo women look over what used to be the car park as flood water surges over it

Saltburn floodingAn abandoned car is left at the side of the road

Saltburn floodingFlood water races past a parking ticket machine

Saltburn floodingStanding on a precarious and fragile riverbank three people look out over a flooded river

Saltburn floodingTraffic comes to a halt on the A174 main road heading into Saltburn as it became partially blocked by flood water

Saltburn floodingA man calls home as he waits for flood water to subside

Saltburn floodingGrass and soil weighed down by the heavy rain gives way and slides over the footpath to the beach at Hazelgrove

Saltburn floodingLooking out over a mud and silt covered car park near to the Cat Nab area of the sea front after heavy rain began to drain away

Saltburn floodingA man collects drift wood from the beach the morning after as it was washed down a nearby river during flooding

Saltburn floodingPolice tape cordons off a damaged footbridge

Saltburn floodingTwo runners avoid a heavily flooded road along the seafront in Saltburn

Saltburn floodingA car drives through flood water on Saltburn seafront

Saltburn floodingA tourist sign is washed away and comes to rest in the middle of a car park after heavy flooding

Saltburn floodingDebris and branches build up against one of the bridges after a night of heavy rain

Saltburn floodingBoyd Camfield cleans away debris from outside his espresso coffee shop on Saltburn sea front following heavy rain the previous night

Saltburn floodingFlood water cascading down the Hazelgrove area of Saltburn caused the tarmac to lift

Saltburn floodingA rain water outflow pipe still releases gallons of water the following morning

Saltburn floodingGlenn Nary, a surfboard shaper and owner of Visionary Surfboards begins to clean up his flooded works unit after heavy rain flooded the area

Saltburn floodingToby Peters owns a small business supplying VW and Audi parts. Much of his stock was damaged after the floods the previous night

Saltburn floodingLorna Smith continues to clean up a flat she owns with her husband after it was flooded out the previous night

Saltburn floodingDebris, branches and mud cover the tracks of the miniature railway in Saltburn. The railway suffered significant damage following overnight flooding

Saltburn floodingFurther along the line water covers the tracks of the miniature railway

Saltburn floodingAn Environment Agency officer surveys some of the damage caused as heavy floods created a secondary river as they burst through under a bridge the previous night


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