Stuart Buckle is a farmer in Cumbria. Stuart along with his father and the rest of the family own and run Bleathgill Farm which is situated a couple of miles off the A66 at one of the highest points on the fell. The recent heavy snow which is said to be the worst March that the country has seen in 50 years has caused some issues with the lambing season resulting in many of his Swaledale sheep having to be brought inside to lamb to avoid the harsh conditions outside.

Constant care is needed to ensure they have the best chance possible to give birth to their lambs and with this weather the simplest of tasks become more difficult.

As I photographed there today there was one successful birth resulting in two new lambs to add to the fold but the worry is that if the weather doesn’t improve soon the chances of a successful flock this year is reduced.

However one thing you can be assured of is that farming at this time of year in the snow covered Cumbrian hills is hard graft indeed.

Pictures remain copyright Getty Images/Ian Forsyth

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