The UK’s best kite surfers headed to Redcar today for the 6th round of the British Kite surfing National Tour. The event, called ‘Kitetastic’, takes place on today, Friday 5 to Sunday 7 October, where over 100 competitors will go head to head in a number of disciplines propelled by powerful kites.

Along with the kite surfing other land based events such as kite buggy and kite land board will also be held.

The three-day kiting festival is taking place at Majuba Beach, Redcar, a spot famed for its consistent winds and great expanse of sand.


2 responses to “Majuba Kite Runners”

  1. Steve Goodyear Avatar
    Steve Goodyear

    Hi Ian, We met each other over a cup of tea on the Friday morning at the beginning of this event,.. I have the Goldwing.
    These photo’s look very good and I enjoyed looking at them, hopefully one day I will have the skill level to capture similar photos.
    Thanks for the interesting chat on cameras, hopefully we will meet again.
    Regards, Steve


    1. Ian Forsyth Avatar

      Hi Steve,

      Good to meet you to and good luck with the photography.
      Loved the bike!



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