A speed and time trial event featuring veteran and vintage cars and motor cycles takes place in Saltburn by the Sea.

Unfortunately the event this year, which is organised by Middlesbrough and District Motor Club and the Motor Sports Association was not allowed to actually time the ascents of the participants as they made their way up the hill from what is called the Cat Nab car park due to a ruling in the current government legislation. However the organisers of the hill climb are looking to demonstrate the benefits of holding these time trial events with the hope of bringing about a change to that policy in time for future races.

Whether or not those taking part are racing the clock, racing each other or, like today, doing it for the hell of it one thing that can be guaranteed is that there are some really enthusiastic and dedicated folk out there who are determined to keep these classic old cars and bikes in immaculate condition and near perfect running order.

Check it our next year if you can.

Here are a few pictures from the day…


3 responses to “Saltburn Hill Climb”

  1. Jon Avatar

    Ian, some great photos there & as you say a great local event.
    It deserves support from spectators & enthusiasts alike.
    I’d also like to thank the organising team from MDMC & the TYMC

    No 53. 1936 BSA with daughter as ballast !


    1. admin Avatar

      Cheers Jon,
      Hopefully next year the stop watches will be out!


  2. Pete Stansfield Avatar

    Thanks for allowing me to use some of your Saltburn photos Ian. I have put them on my blog today with a link to here. Cheers..Pete


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