As my ‘Coast People‘ photo-story gains momentum I spent a few hours visiting the traditional English seaside town of Filey yesterday. Filey is a small town on the Yorkshire coast sitting between Bridlington further south and Scarborough to the north. The town has enjoyed the reputation of being a seaside resort since Victorian times and continues to draw in holiday makers and visitors.

I don’t think you can really do any town justice by spending only a few hours there and it takes a little longer to get deeper and explore a town and its people further so I will be visiting Filey again soon at a different time of the day to dig a little more and build on these pictures.

This visit was aimed at taking an initial look, to carry out a bit of a ‘recce’ if you will and to see what was there and if there were people I could try and look for or activities that might make good pictures at a different time of day or year. However I also need to take pictures of everyday life on or around the beach from the places I visit and the opportunity to do this was there yesterday so here are a few from that first visit.


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A woman relaxes with a cup of tea outside her beach chalet on the promenade at Filey

A couple enjoy the sun on the beach at Filey

A woman sculpts a small boat into the sand on the beach in Filey

Colin Bastow runs the crazy golf on Filey promenade

A woman and her son spend time on the beach at Filey as a motorboat is preparing to launch

The beach at Filey in North Yorkshire

A visitor takes a photograph of the town and beach with Filey Brigg in the background

A woman searches with her metal detector on the beach at Filey

A family enjoy an ice cream as they rest against the sea wall on Filey beach

Two women read the papers as they sit outside their beach chalet on the promenade at Filey

A woman looks across the beach at Filey

An ice cream seller on Filey Promenade

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