In a previous post recently I introduced a photographic project I’m doing called ‘Coast People‘. That post can be seen HERE . Now in this latest post about the project I have posted a further selection of photographs below. The majority of these, apart from four, were all taken in the area of Saltburn beach. Of those four, three of them are from Scarborough and one is from South Gare on Teesside.

One of the main considerations with this project is of course selecting the final photographs that I will ultimately use in a book or for an exhibition. Living in Saltburn and within a couple of minutes of the beach I spend a lot of time there shooting and it stands to reason that I will have many more images from here than I will of somewhere like Filey or Flamborough.

The more images that I have from a particular location then the bigger the edit becomes and the challenge then is to find a really strong picture that is representative of the different subject areas that I am trying to cover or a strong ‘stand alone‘ picture that is interesting. At times I find that I am repeating pictures that are similar in the way they look or by the way they illustrate a certain subject. But this is no bad thing as it allows a shot to be replaced – hopefully with a better one – and ultimately improves the overall selection of images. This is not an infinite process though and at some point a final decision will need to be made. So I can actually see the ‘final edit‘ for this going right up to the wire. Whenever that date might be?

Over the next few weeks I will be concentrating on some of the areas a little further afield and building up the pictures that I have to choose from. No photographer could be expected to visit a place and in one day, over a few hours, photograph enough to make it representative of that place or indeed to catch it at its best – photographically speaking. So a number of visits will be needed I’m sure.

To assist with the planning and the logistics of these trips and in order to make best use of my time a little research is needed. What is the town famous or well known for? What do they do or have there that the others towns don’t? Are there any quirky or unusual activities that only take place there? Are there any ‘characters’ that live in those places or people who have committed themselves to something in those areas?

Alongside this of course I’m also keeping my eyes open for other generic pictures illustrating some of the others areas I want to cover.

Next on my list to travel to is Filey in North Yorkshire and I hope to get down there for my first visit within the next week or so. Surprisingly, considering I live relatively close to it, this will be my first visit there so I’m looking forward to seeing a new place and photographing some new people from this traditional seaside town on the North Yorkshire coast.

So, as they say, watch this space!


NOTE: If you know anyone, a character or personality or someone who has an unusual or interesting job or who has dedicated their lives through a hobby or career to a life along the coast between the areas of South Gare on Teesside and Flamborough Head in North Yorkshire then feel free to drop me a line at:





A couple share a joke as they sit on the beach at Saltburn

A woman on the lower promenade at Saltburn beach looks on as bathers enjoy the sea

Surf shop owner Nick Noble pulls his trolley along the lower promenade at Saltburn at the end of a busy day of surf board hire

A fisherman next to The Ship Inn in Saltburn prepares his pots before a trip to sea

A crane on the dock in Scarborough sits idle as heavy clouds brood overhead

A chef takes a break at the back of a small restaurant in Scarborough

A dedicated fisherman makes his way through heavy fog onto the beach near Hazelgrove in Saltburn

South Bay, Scarborough, North Yorkshire

A fisherman ropes lobster pots together as he prepares to go out on his boat from Saltburn

Enjoying the afternoon sun a man relaxes outside his beach hut on Saltburn lower promenade

A surfer prepares to go for an early morning surf at Saltburn beach

A couple relax on the sand as a woman walks her dog at the bottom of Huncliff in Saltburn

Relaxing on a warm summer afternoon a couple read the papers outside their beach hut at lower promenade in Saltburn

A fisherman from South Gare Fisherman’s Association sits in his ‘Green Hut’ at the South Gare on Teesside

A woman enjoys the view of Huntcliff from Saltburn pier

‘Coast People’

2 responses to “‘Coast People’ – we continue…”

  1. Andrew H Avatar
    Andrew H

    An excellent project. Great pics. I can’t think of a photographer who has recorded the Yorkshire coast like this since Frank Meadow-Sutcliffe…?


    1. Ian Forsyth Avatar
      Ian Forsyth

      Thanks Andrew.
      A flattering comment indeed!


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