Up here in Cleveland recently it has been the typical British summer weather. With a bit of blue sky and sunshine mixed with heavy showers. It does offer however the chance for some half decent pictures…


4 responses to “Whether the weather”

  1. Andrew H Avatar
    Andrew H

    Fine set of cloudscapes. That last image is a stunner.


    1. admin Avatar

      Thanks mate 😉


  2. nickw7coc Avatar

    There’s been some stunning cloudscapes about the NE these past few days, with some storms rumbling through last night too !
    Some really stunning captures there Ian, I particularly love the last one where the rainbow/sunbeam has picked out the ship, truly stunning timing 🙂
    I’ll be watching your blog now that you’ve been picked up by @CloudAppSoc – who’ve retweeted a few of mine too 😉


    1. admin Avatar

      Thanks Nick, appreciate the comment. It’s been an interesting time lately with the weather alright. Typical British summer! 😉


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