I’m currently shooting still photographs and video as part of a commission for Saltburn Surf School & Hire  to produce a promotional piece for their website. I was shooting one of their weekly ‘Surf Club’ lessons as it was taking place the other day and I couldn’t help but be impressed by the enthusiasm of the youngsters as they got amongst it in the surf and had a laugh.

As surfers most of us know how amazing it feels to have the skills and the ability to surf – to ride waves. It’s an incredible feeling and one that becomes addictive. But for the majority of surfers some sessions are better than others. Sometimes everything comes together and you have a blinding surf whilst on other occasions….well, it’s like you’ve forgotten everything you know! It can be hugely frustrating!

Whatever happens though…you’ve still got to have some fun. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and the feeling of riding a good wave – wherever that might be or whatever size it might be.

Don’t forget to smile and to enjoy the experience. Treat each wave and enjoy each sesh as if it’s your last.

Don’t forget the stoke!

These kids haven’t.





Respect the seas and oceans and each other.


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