Now that the main Jubilee celebrations have finally come to an end and a normal, bunting free existence returns I thought I would post up a selection of some of the pictures that I’ve shot over this Bank Holiday Jubilee weekend.

I shot pictures at various locations over the weekend. In Middlesbrough, Skinningrove, Stockton and in Saltburn and hopefully they will help to illustrate some of the many events that took place and some of the community spirit that still remains, thankfully, in some parts of our society. From street parties to town centre events to burning beacons and fireworks. Looking at these pictures I hope it can be seen that both young and old alike still know how to have some fun and enjoy themselves in a simple way and probably more importantly, from an archival and historical point of view the many thousands of pictures that will have been taken throughout the celebrations will form an amazing pictorial history of another key moment in our time.

So look after those digital files! Back them up onto a hard drive or a CD and keep it safe. I can guarantee that in another ten or twenty or more years you will want to look back on them and wonder what ever happened to everyone in those pictures. Because, whether you are aware of it or not, everyone who took any pictures over the weekend be it on a top end ‘professional’ camera or on your iPhone you were recording history in the making. Taking pictures doesn’t get much better than that.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Click on the first picture to see it larger then click anywhere on the image to see the next.

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