A heavy sea fret descends on Saltburn beach…Sea fret forms when a parcel of warm air passes over cold water. In this case the North Sea.

The warm air at the bottom of the parcel is cooled by the cold air below, until it can no longer hold the moisture that was previously contained within. It then releases some of the moisture in the form of liquid water through condensation. Add an onshore component like a wind of 5-20 mph, and the cooling in the bottom of the warm parcel of air is spread upwards and generates a sea fog.

If the wind is coming from a direction between North and South East, the sea fog will make its journey from the sea over the land.

A number of factors determine the locational extent of sea fog and whether it will disperse quickly or linger throughout the day. For instance, if the land is warm when the fog rolls in from the sea, it will readily disperse. This is due to a smaller temperature difference between the surface of the earth and the bottom of the parcel of air.


2 responses to “Don’t fret”

  1. Andrew H Avatar
    Andrew H

    Very nice set of images. Had to be shot in mono.


    1. admin Avatar

      Cheers. I agree, definitely had to be mono I think mate to try and keep the atmosphere?


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