A few shots from yesterday during an eventful time spent photographing at the Whitby Goth Weekend…

Click on the first image to view larger then click anywhere on the image to see the next.


2 responses to “Whitby goth weekend”

  1. Andrew H Avatar
    Andrew H

    Fine set of pics from what tends to be a camera club outing as much as a Goth weekend these days!
    I didn’t get up to Whitby this weekend, but last time I was as intrigued by the hoards of photogs as I was by the Goths. I think there could be a pic set in them, not Goths…?


    1. admin Avatar

      Thanks again mate.
      You’re not wrong though. I’ve seen ‘A’ list celebs getting less coverage!
      As I was there shooting I’m as guilty as the next bloke I guess but at least my approach was a little more polite and subtle than some I noticed. There’s a time and a place for a hardcore approach but I don’t think the goth weekend is it!
      Great bunch of people though as I’m sure you know.


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