TV presenter Ben Fogle was on Saltburn beach in Cleveland today taking part in the filming and production of a new 4-part documentary from Sky TV and National Geographic Channel showcasing the darker side of Mother Nature.

The effects of a Tsunami wave hitting the coast were recreated on Saltburn pier using a tank of water to simulate the wave and the potential damage that could be caused to a vehicle by the power of water was demonstrated by dropping around a tonne of water from a crane onto the vehicle which had been placed on the beach next to the pier.

Filming in the town is expected to take around two days and the four-part ‘Storm City’ series, which will air later in the summer, has been filmed on numerous locations throughout the world including Canada and the UK.


One response to “The tsunami effect”

  1. Julia Robinson Avatar
    Julia Robinson

    Wondered what they were up to .. they were setting up when I walked through this morning early


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