As planning and foundation work begins on a 27-turbine wind farm a short distance off the coast of Redcar in Cleveland local residents have voiced their concern. Not only at the noise that was initially caused by the wind-farm platform ‘driving’ in foundations for the turbines, but at the effect that the site will have on local views and its overall effectiveness at helping with other environmental issues. Questions are raised about how effective wind farms actually are and whether they are worth the effort or just a ‘token’ gesture to appease the environmental concerns that we all have, but, realistically, don’t really seem to be able to do anything about.

The need to try and develop and use sustainable energy is an argument that few, realistically, can argue against. But at what cost? I’m sure if I lived in Redcar and had a wind farm straight in front of my window I might be a little annoyed. On the other hand, should this wind farm prove to be effective and not only generate power but help with the ongoing battle to reduce carbon emissions from other non-energy efficient methods is it not worth it? Although the fact that an attempt has being made to produce this sustainable and environmentally efficient energy immediately next to one of the largest industrial centres on the UK doesn’t escape me.

Teesport is one of the busiest ports in the UK. Shipping enters and leaves this busy post every day, and night and anyone looking out to sea can’t help but notice the container ships sitting off shore and waiting to enter the port. Does it really matter if there was a wind farm visible also? Busy shipping lanes and heavy industry have being part of the land and sea scape of this area for many years. It is the adaptability of the region and the changes that take place – forced or otherwise – that allows an area to develop, to change and, hopefully, improve. Maybe not immediately…but eventually, kind of like an industrial evolution?

I don’t have the answers. I don’t suppose anyone really does? But there are many opinions and thoughts so what are yours….?

Feel free to comment.


A couple look on at the EDF wind-farm platform off the coast at Redcar, Cleveland.

The EDF wind-farm platform off the coast at Redcar, Cleveland.

One response to “Farming the wind……it’s the industrial evolution.”

  1. Ashley Winters Avatar

    I think that using the power of wind is a great idea. If it really does work, wind farming could be a tremendous resource advantage to help the environment. As far as the view I think it enhances the view.


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