The Gare

South Gare on Teesside is a man-made peninsula jutting out into the chilly waters of the North Sea helping to shield the entrance to the River Tees, and the shipping that regularly calls there to load or unload their cargoes into the Port of Tees, from the heavy seas that frequently batter this part of the coast. With a remote nature reserve and a small fishing fleet that, occasionally, but not as often as it used to, puts to sea, it sits precariously between the heaving waters of the open sea and the heavy industrial area of Teesside that has driven the economy in this region for many years.

These are a few picture from a trip I made there yesterday…click on the first image to view larger and then click on each image to see the next…

Published by ian forsyth photography

Press and Documentary photographer covering the North of England. Stringer & contributor for Getty Images News. Prints are available to buy on my website.

4 thoughts on “The Gare

    1. Cheers Gaz…no special tools though mate. Desaturate, tweak the exposure, black slider and contrast. In this particular set I went a bit full on with the black slider, then just a bit of dodge and burn. All darkroom techniques really as your aware.


  1. Nice strong bold graphic images there, like the lobster pots, chain and the boat with the sun filtering through. Your post work is good as well.

    Thanks for sharing



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