2011 – My Year in Pictures

As 2011 comes to an end I can look back on a year that has been both a busy and challenging photographic time for me and one which has resulted in some very interesting, varied and challenging stories.

One of the many great things about being a photographer is the people you get to meet along the way and the pictures that they allow you to take – well, most of them anyway – as your paths cross for the briefest of times. For the most part I’ve enjoyed all the stories I’ve covered and I’m glad that after this busy year my passion for photography is burning even brighter. Probably a good thing I suppose as I can’t really do anything else!

This year also marks a significant period in my personal life as I’ve now come to the end of a long and varied 22-year career in the British military, a time that I’ve been looking forward to for a while and which now allows me to devote all my time on my full-time journey as a freelance photographer – something I have been building towards for the last few years.

It will be a journey, I’m sure, full of questions and uncertainty especially at a time when the world of editorial photography is going through some significant changes but I’m sure it will be, at the very least, exciting and challenging in its own right and I look forward to that and to the opportunity of shooting a number of my own projects that I have planned for next year. I have no idea what the new year will bring but lets get to it and shoot some pictures.

To highlight some of the stories I’ve covered this year I’ve put a selection of my pictures below – some from news events and documentary stories I’ve worked on, some from my street photography and surfing and some that I just like – stretching from the USA to demonstrations in Cyprus to Kenya and of course, from many places around the UK. So feel free to take a look and make any comments if you wish.

Cheers – Have a good Christmas and New Year!


Click on the first picture to view, then click on each image to move through the slideshow…


Published by ian forsyth photography

Press and Documentary photographer covering the North of England. Stringer & contributor for Getty Images News. Prints are available to buy on my website.

11 thoughts on “2011 – My Year in Pictures

  1. Dear Ian,

    Many congrats on two fronts, firstly a really interesting set of images. I was particularly drawn to the images of amputees, is this a project in itself and are you going to be showing it. It reminds me of “Purple Hearts” by Nina Berman.

    You must be very excited on coming out of the Army and I really wish you all the very best of luck, though you are right when you say its a difficult time at the moment I can perhaps offer one gram of solace. I recently purchased an original copy of the Photography Annual 1959 ( US magazine of some repute, well in the day at least) primarily for the Pittsburgh Project by W Eugene Smith. Baring in mind this can arguably be described as the burgeoning of the golden age of documentary photography, there is an article which speaks about the diminishing market for photojournalism and its possible demise. How amazing are the parallels of today, I really think that if you have the talent and drive you will success no matter, attributes which you obviously have
    All the very best of luck and I hope the coming year is a great success for you.
    Best regards and have a wonderful Christmas


    1. Hi Giles,
      Thanks very much for the comments and indeed you are probably correct when you say that the demise of photojournalism/documentary photography has always been an issue. However the ebb and flow of history continues to take us back to this ‘dying’ method of storytelling though, which is a good sign – just the technology surrounding and driving it is changing? So maybe there is hope still?

      As for the pictures of the guys from Headley Court this was part of a story I did – if you search for ‘Reality Check’ on my blog you will see it. But I am looking at taking it a little further and hopefully exploring it in more depth in the future.

      If you are on the look out for books…assuming you don’t have it already….take a look at a World Press Photo book called ‘Things as they are – photojournalism in context since 1955’ – Fascinating and informative read.

      Once again thanks for your comments and all the best for Christmas and the New Year.


  2. Ian congratulations on a fantastic year. You know I’ve been a longtime supporter of your talent and work ethic, and it becomes more evident with every passing year. My favourite this year was the Personnel Recovery Centre set in Edinburgh. A genuinely moving set of pics. Keep up the hard work and the very best of luck for the future.
    Neil Hall
    Dep Picture Editor



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