As today officially marks the end of American involvement in Iraq I’ve put together a slideshow of pictures that I shot during my second trip to the troubled country in 2006/07. My first visit was in 2003 as part of the coalition forces who, after preparing and getting organised in Kuwait, made the push into Iraq and, for me, the city of Basrah.

It was one of the most challenging, rewarding and ‘exciting’ tours I had done, where everything I had practiced, rehearsed and trained for until that point in my career came into play. But on the second trip I was there as a photographer with the Army and while these pictures only scratch the surface of what I was able to cover they are some of my favourites from that time and which, for whatever reason, bring back many memories.

Hopefully, Iraq and its people can now build on the fledgling democracy and settle in relative peace and leave behind, whilst never forgetting, the sacrifices made by not only all those military personnel who went there, some of whom didn’t come back, but by the people of Iraq themselves. Insha’Allah.  


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