Following heavy seas during a storm off the coast of Saltburn in Cleveland the seabed was agitated and churned up and then, after the waters subside from the beach as the tide drops, sea coal, which is mixed in with the seawater as the heavy seas rage gradually settles and leaves behind a covering over the beach which, if you’re quick off the mark between tides, can then be collected and used as fuel. Traditionally it is used in ‘cones’ which sees the coal wrapped in newspaper with a tapered end that when lit continues to burn slowly.

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2 responses to “Sea Coal”

  1. Tim Avatar

    Hi Ian
    I had completely forgotton about being photographed gathering seacoal in late Autumn, when on a random search for images of seacoal at Saltburn I noticed an image with a (vaguely) familiar figure in it….. upon closer inspection it was me! I then checked out yr website with the whole series of me working. Really enjoyed these excellent images and have very much enjoyed your superb documentary work in the rest of yr sight. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes for the new year


    1. admin Avatar

      Thanks for your kind words Tim and I’m glad you liked the pictures.
      All the best,


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