Room 2850 – new photo-essay blog

I’ve always enjoyed the process of researching, planning, shooting and structuring a photo-essay and consider it to be one of the most powerful methods of story telling still available to the photographer today, despite the lack of financial reward and opportunities for publication. Nonetheless, developing and producing a photo-essay is a great way of story telling and still offers the opportunity to tell the stories of the ‘everyday’ in a dynamic way.

This blog is aimed at showcasing some of the photo-essay’s that I produce and some of the longer term projects or features that I am involved with. It is also, in a way, my nod of appreciation to the photographer’s who worked for LIFE magazine which, after the first issue ran on November 23, 1936, continued to use photography to tell the story of not only world events but also pointed the lenses at the man and woman in the street, the every day stories of people which showed us that within the lives of everyone there are often interesting stories to be found – and told – and that the photographer, by approaching these stories in a respectful way, with empathy and commitment to those stories can produce a record of their lives that might otherwise never be seen, shared or acknowledged.

My interest in photography came from reading some of the copies of this magazine and along with other stories that ran in some of the broadsheet newspapers, when they ran these type of stories before the world became obsessed with celebrity, and I have loved every minute of taking pictures since then and whilst these stories may not be as commercially viable these days as other types of photography I think, to some degree, they become more important than solely financial interests, as they make a record of an individual or group or place and ultimately add to our own, smaller scale, collective history and that, in the longer term is more valuable.

My current Website and my Blog will of course continue for my regular work and Room 2850 will now be added to as and when I start, complete or work on various projects, stories or features – One of my projects has now been posted where I explore one man’s struggle with Parkinson’s disease.

Visit the blog here…. Room 2850

Any comments, suggestions or links to your own work are always appreciated and accepted, feel free to comment or critique and offer your own suggestions or stories that you may be involved with.



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