Several hundred public sector workers took to the streets of Middlesbrough today, November 30th 2011 to protest primarily against the proposed government changes to the public service pension schemes and to voice their unhappiness with potential changes to pay, workload, job security and conditions of service.

The Middlesbrough demonstration set off from the Bottle of Notes sculpture in the town and marched to Newport Road. This was one of many demonstrations against the cuts that took place throughout the country.

David Bell, 25, from Middlesbrough is a worker in the public library

Two nurses wait at the start of the march next to the ‘Bottle of Notes’ sculpture

Aidan Jones, 10, from Middlesbrough attended the march with his mother, who works in the public library

Police horses prepare to lead the march through the town

Freddie Pounder, 5, attended with his mother, a teacher

A woman voices her support as she marches through the town

A Unison member reacts to the camera as he marches through the town

A marcher whistles his support during the march through Middlesbrough

Supporters of the action march through the town centre in Middlesbrough

The demonstrators are addressed by various speakers at the end of the march in the town centre

Lining up to show their support to the day of action

Vocal supporters of the protest against Government cuts in Middlesbrough

A man carries his placard during the march

A female supporter of the day of action listens to the speakers in the town centre

A woman looks on during the protest

Those attending the rally listen to the speakers

‘Buffy’ shows her owners’ support to the day of action

A man lets his feelings be known during the rally in Middlesbrough

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