The annual Cambrian Patrol began on Friday 21 October in the challenging environment of the Welsh countryside. The week long event is both physically and mentally demanding and is the highlight of the British Army training calendar for the year.

It is recognised internationally as one of the toughest tests that the modern day soldier can face and participants come from the British military – both regular and territorial units – and from many other countries, including for the first time, Greece.

This year’s exercise sees 104 teams taking part with 58 Regular Army teams, 31 Territorial Army teams and 15 other International teams.

Split into seven phases the teams have to patrol, by day and by night over the arduous hills of the Welsh countryside taking part in many specialist and testing challenges, some of which include observation, reconnaissance, river crossings, first aid and section attacks.

Their military skills, stamina and dedication are constantly evaluated during the patrol and teams are scored using points for each area with the team with the highest accumulated points scored becoming the winner of the event.

I spent a short time with one of the teams during the start of the competition as they prepared their kit and equipment and set off on the first phase of the exercise that saw them covering over 50 miles within the first 2 days.

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