The fiery blast of propane lit up the darkness as a wave of heat washed over everyone standing close to the mouth of the envelope. The noisy jets firing into the balloon as it slowly came to life and lifted up into the sky.

Some 85 hot air balloons took to the skies over Somerset recently for the 33rd Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. Launching each day into the skies during the early light of morning and again in the fading light of each evening they impressed thousands of spectators as they rose majestically into the skies and drifted away as they chased the wind.

Then, later, as darkness fell, the balloons having returned from their flights, they were once again tethered to the launch field and began a static display where, accompanied by music, they used their burners to fire in synch with the music – the balloons all lighting up in an impressive display.


For further pictures from the Fiesta see my Flickr gallery….. HERE

View my new PHOTOFILM from this event…… HERE

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