The Airport that was..

In 1974 the Nicosia International airport in Cyprus ceased to operate in the way for which it was intended due to the hostilities taking place in the country at that time. Since then it has stood, slowly decaying and falling into ruin as the elements, time and the pigeons all take their toll…

5 responses to “The Airport that was..”

  1. rob Leyland Avatar
    rob Leyland

    Nice stuff .Great light


  2. Melissa Avatar

    OMG! I was 2 when this ceased to be an airport! Great photos, very atmospheric and quite sad really. It’s amazing that it has just been left to rot. It wouldn’t happen in the UK. They’d have knocked it down years ago and built a housing estate, a shopping complex or a multi-storey car park!


  3. admin Avatar

    Cheers Rob, Cheers Melissa.

    @Melissa, it was strange walking around inside – half expected a tannoy announcement to break the silence……that would have been spooky!!


  4. Andrew H Avatar
    Andrew H

    Astonishing pics… time frozen.
    I’ve been to the island’s Greek side of the buffer zone, and it’s quite a spooky experience!


  5. Matt Kirwan Avatar
    Matt Kirwan

    Give it enough time…..and nature will always prevail.

    Good Stuff.



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