Project 65

The Forces Festival is an outdoor festival created by the military charity ‘Project 65’ – Founded to provide help to military veterans the festival brought live music, motorcycle displays, fairground rides and many other attractions to Bulford in Wiltshire recently.

Follow the link to find out more about the Forces charity…Project 65

Published by ian forsyth photography

Press and Documentary photographer covering the North of England. Stringer & contributor for Getty Images News. Prints are available to buy on my website.

3 thoughts on “Project 65

  1. I love that ‘kid with football’ pic mate… something very 70’s summer and dreamy about it.

    Edit: Just noticed you’ve used it on you banner! It even looks slightly cross processed in colour…. love it.


  2. Thanks Neil. It was crying out to be shot! Lovely backlight. I’ve just messaged you on facebook with the colour version….


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