Chalk horse gets a face lift

The 232 year old Cherhill White horse, cut high into Wiltshire’s Marlborough Downs, received a face lift today as a restoration group and a small army of volunteers made their way up the wind swept hillside to renew the chalk covering the 18th Century landmark.

The chalk was supplied from a quarry in Hampshire and was funded by public donations from visitors.

The view towards Cherhill White Horse.

Alastair Cannon, 12 and Laurence Cannon, 10 make their way to the site of the white horse at Cherhill.

The view towards Cherhill White Horse.

Bags of chalk are passed down the hill.

Leader of the local restoration group Rob Pickard organised the volunteers.

A young helper drags a bag of chalk over the horse.

A young helper plays on the chalk during the restoration work.

Volunteers work hard to restore the Cherhill horse in Wiltshire.

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