I started shooting pictures around the back streets of Saltburn recently. I’ve shot the usual pictures of this Victorian seaside town many, many times – the pier, the cliff lift, the upper and lower promenades etc in other words, in Yorkshire slang, ‘Queen Anne fronts’…. but this time I thought I would go a little deeper into this town and document some of the scenes that are often overlooked by visitors and residents alike – ‘Mary Anne backs’.

As in any town in any part of the country the public face of a place is often very different from the reality – for better or worse there are sometimes interesting pictures to be found when you start to dig.

And what photographic lesson can we take away from this? Well, simply put, don’t shoot the obvious – everyone else will be doing that.

Go deeper. Explore – literally and photographically. Try and see the familiar places you know with different eyes. It may lead to something, it may not, but it pays to get out and have a look. For those interested in such things all these pictures were shot on a Nikon D3 and an f1.8 50mm prime.

If you want to see more pictures from this collection then hit the link at the bottom of the page.

Further pictures from this set can be seen here…The Streets of Saltburn

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