London News Pictures – Doing things differently

I’ve been a contributing photographer for a couple of months now for London News Pictures – LNP – this is a collaborative agency run by professional editorial photographers working in London and throughout the UK. London News Pictures is a photographic press agency and picture library supplying news, editorial images and feature content for global media organisations and professionals.

I’ve filed in a small handful of stories to them thus far whilst trying to navigate the middle ground between what I can source and achieve on my own and still having to fulfill my obligations to my current employers. The work I shoot for the military would, in some cases, make for great stories to file, unfortunately I can’t try and make money on this work and I would end up in the smelly stuff if I tried and being this close to my pension it ain’t worth it and I can’t be arsed with the hassle.

Hopefully though, as I speed, thankfully, towards the end of my time with the military I can ‘switch fire‘ and start shooting a broader range of subjects when I have more time and start to get more pictures filed into them. Looking forward to that.

London News Pictures

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