As the year draws to a close it is that time of year again when I look through my archive to find a selection of images from 2010 that I particularly like or which remind me of a difficult, interesting or challenging job or which simply caught my eye as I browsed through them.

Looking back over the pictures that you’ve taken over the year is a great way to see how, hopefully, the pictures you take show some development and improvement. It also allows the photographer to see how the pictures from each job are selected and edited. In turn this starts to indicate the ‘style‘ of pictures that the photographer tends to take.

Looking ahead to next year I have many changes coming my way, especially work related, changes that I’m really looking forward to, and I want to concentrate more on some in-depth projects where I explore different subjects in far greater detail. I have a few stories and subjects planned that I want to look at and by doing this I hope to improve my story-telling process through pictures and audio, further developing my ability to produce ‘photofilms’ and other multimedia.

Arranged below, and in no particular order, are a selection of images I’ve taken over the last year – so grab a brew and take a look and as usual any comments are welcomed.

Taken in Afghanistan, this picture shows a British soldier running for cover during a ‘contact’ with Taliban forces in the Nad-e Ali area of Helmand Province. The patrol was providing re-supply to some other troops when they came under fire from two different locations. Most of the patrol was initially pinned down in a drainage ditch and after returning fire they were able to make their way along the ditch and into the relative safety of a nearby compound.

The sun rises and begins to burn off the low lying mist around the ancient monument of Stonehenge in Wiltshire.

One of the handful of fishermen who lease the small ‘Green Huts’ at a location on Teesside known as ‘South Gare’ poses for the camera. This picture forms part of a longer term project I began during the year illustrating the gradual decline of traditional fishing methods in this area of the North-east.

A youth from the Grangetown area of Middlesbrough takes to the roof of a house in a demonstration against local police. The youth, who was throwing slates from the roof onto the pavement below whilst armed with a knife and drinking cans of lager was eventually talked down by police.

Members of the armed services and MoD (police) attend a ceremony in London to announce their receipt of honours and awards for various acts of bravery during their various deployments to Afghanistan.

A windsurfer gestures to the camera as he passes by at the start of a charity windsurfing event which involved the circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight. The event was to help raise money for charities that support the British armed forces.

A coffin containing the body of a British soldier killed in Afghanistan arrives at RAF Lyneham in North Wiltshire by C17 transport aircraft. The bodies of all personnel killed in Afghanistan are repatriated through RAF Lyneham as they make their final journey home.

Young recruits undergo rifle drill lessons in a hangar at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate in North Yorkshire. The trainees take part in 42 weeks of training covering military and academic subjects. On successful completion of this period of initial training they then go to a ‘Phase 2’ training establishment to conduct further and more specific training depending on their final choice of regiment.

British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks to troops during a visit to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.

A soldier from the Kenyan army takes part in a joint exercise with British troops in Northern Kenya.

A mortar detachment from the Royal Gurkha Rifles fire mortar rounds in support of ground troops. The soldiers came under fire two kilometres from the base as they were taking part in an operation against Taliban insurgents in the ‘Green Zone’ in Helmand province, Afghanistan.

A couple share a joke as they relax and sit on the pebbles on Saltburn beach in North Yorkshire.

North-east surfer Robbie Hildreth poses for a picture at a secret surf spot on the Yorkshire coast before a dawn session.

A woman looks out to sea as she enjoys the sunshine on the beach at Saltburn in North Yorkshire.

Thousands of protesters, including the human rights activist Peter Tatchell (green shirt), attend a demonstration in London opposing the recent visit to the UK by the pope.

A soldier taking part in an exercise on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire walks past a house in Imber village. The village is used to train soldiers who may deploy to operational environments such as Afghanistan in the procedures and methods used when fighting in built-up areas.

An Afghan National Army soldier rests after returning from a patrol in Afghanistan.

One response to “The Year In Pictures – 2010”

  1. Lee Durant Avatar

    ‘A year in pictures’ I like that, from an individual photographer…. Lovely stuff and a busy year by the looks of these images.

    I hope you have an even better year next mate!


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