Reception, Staging and Onward Integration or RSOI, is a process that all military personnel and MoD civil servants who arrive in Afghanistan must undergo. Depending on their role once they are here will dictate the duration of the RSOI training package they do. For most, it is four days, and during that time you are bombarded with all manner of briefings, demonstrations and practical opportunities to put into practice many of the drills and procedures that could save your life or the lives of the people your working with.
Below is a small selection of pictures I took during this process, not definitive by any means but hopefully a little different…
Troops arrive on the ranges to check their weapons during a fierce dust storm
A group of soldiers receive a briefing prior to one of the demonstrations starting
On a range next to the one used by British troops an American soldier catches up on some sleep as he waits for his platoon to begin firing
Troops practice the drills that they need to use when they deploy from Camp Bastion and arrive at their own Platoon or Company locations
A soldier returns to a compound at the end of a series of briefings during the day

A soldier covered in dust poses for the camera during the range day
 Soldiers march out around 5km to the training area for the start of the days training

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