Just for the sake of it…

Out for a wander with the dog last weekend through the allotments that are close to where I live in Saltburn. As always, the camera was in hand and I shot a few pictures that caught my eye. No particular reason. Just for the sake of it. Sometimes it is good to shoot simply because you can.

2 responses to “Just for the sake of it…”

  1. Rockhopper Avatar

    Its grim upt north, our Ian, If this was in London Village, you would have been seized by the anti terrorist police. Seriously though allotments are in constant danger of being developed by councils. My hometown has one remaining allottment left out of three. And its prime development land as well. My grandad used to grow all his veg on his and as a lad I used to go and help him. Shame to see it concreted over. Britain was founded and supported by men in sheds, inventors, gardeners, and scientists all plyed there trade there. Love the picture of the Moggy, now that does remind me of Grandad. Cheers for the post.


  2. Ian Forsyth Avatar
    Ian Forsyth

    Cheers Rich


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