I’m not a Slave to Technology!

I’m not a geeky tech head, I’m not constantly looking out for the latest piece of technology that looks sleek and sexy to try and impress with, to buy even if I don’t need it. When the iPhone came out I didn’t raise an eyebrow and wasn’t particularly tempted to buy, as long as the phone I had could allow to make calls and send the odd text I was pretty much sorted.

I received an iPod for a christmas gift and despite my ‘grumpy old man‘ murmurings about ‘why do I need one of these…??’ I was secretly impressed, the more I get used to it the more I like it and enjoy things I can do with it.

I’m a photographer, and I’ve seen the Macbook pro’s and the iMac’s doing their thing as they are used in anger by fellow togs. I know this and would love to have one, alas my mortgage, my car payments, my insurance and all the other boring stuff won’t allow it just yet, but for image editing and ease of, well, ease of pretty much everything, I’m sold!

Now, as if that’s not enough, old Stevey boy and his merry crew launch this iPad thingymajig and after watching the demo, linked here from the Apple site… http://www.apple.com/ipad/ipad-video/#small I’d be lying if I wasn’t a bit impressed.

Even if it turns out not to work in the real world it still looks really cool!!

Thinking of all the photography related uses it could operate and support, on first sight it looks pretty cheeky – How it would hold up though, especially the screen, to some battering and abuse through day to day work is interesting, would you have to carry a laptop and this as well? – Probably. It is after all another piece of kit that needs to be charged and the extra weight is not a good thing, so when out and about I don’t think it would replace the trusty old lappie as far as photographers are concerned.

But if your going for a meeting to show some portfolio work, or giving a briefing or sat around and want to surf the tinternet etc etc (or want to look cool in front of your mates) than it looks pretty sweet and if I had the cash to burn I’d probably have one – because that’s what you do!

But for now, I think I will have to sit this one out and wait for the Mark II version which will be made of plastic and can be rolled up like a newspaper and I will look on with envy as other tech heads, geeky or otherwise, sit with a feint look of ‘technology smugness‘ on their faces and work out which way is up.

Now back to my PC…..what does this blue screen mean?????

Published by ian forsyth photography

Press and Documentary photographer covering the North of England. Stringer & contributor for Getty Images News. Prints are available to buy on my website.

One thought on “I’m not a Slave to Technology!

  1. I can see this being used by myself, as I am going into the VFX industry. I can see an app being developed for this so I can go and meet a client and create a speedpainting in front of the client. Or if I am working on a storyboard link it immediately to other members of the crew. I would like to see if a sketching/art program could work on this. The nearest art application is the Wacom cintiq. The cintiq weighs 11lb and is to big for the job. For me this is exciting, with the advent of RED camera technology I can get a screen grab straight out of the camera and work straight on. As a matte painter it could be a solution to a mobility problem. As a tog, link this up with picasa and you can get your images straight out. Also you shoot your clients in the studio and untethered hand them the pad to see there image. Or as an event photographer you can have a rep walking round the event with one of these whilst you shoot and grab sales. As you are I am also a luddite, I too have a simple mobile phone, I am sold on this device. It would even fit in my camera bag. Cracking post mate enjoyed reading it.


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