Saltburn Folk Festival

Once again the Victorian seaside town of Saltburn by the Sea played host to the annual folk festival.

The event is held every year over a weekend in August and gives the opportunity for lovers of all things Folk to visit the town and listen to a variety of different folk musicians as they play – either at organised events held in different venues throughout the town or at impromptu jamming sessions that take place when the musicians gather in the various pubs in the town.

This year was no exception as many hundreds came to listen to the traditional folk music or to view the Morris dancers performing in the centre of town or to listen to the local Fishermans’ Choir from Marske.

I can’t claim to be a huge fan of folk music but live, raw music is always worth listening to and with good weather, a good vibe, some good music, and plenty of real ale flowing it’s well worth checking it out next year- good pictures to be had around the town also.

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