If you find yourself wandering around Salisbury it’s inevitable that your going to end up near the Cathedral, which is where I found myself today. Not that I’m a religious person you understand – quite the opposite – but it seemed like a good opportunity to get some people shots…in situations like these keep your eyes open, keep watching for the pictures, they will happen fast and you will only get one chance to get the picture.

In the middle of the Cathedral there is a fountain that allows the water to flow over the rim of the fountain and creates a mirror effect which is good for playing around with reflection shots.

For me, it’s more important to get people in my pictures and show how they were interacting with this historic building rather than simply going for pictures of steeples and spires and the like.

Photographing in these places can be a little intimidating at first, especially in the current climate when anyone with a camera is a terrorist or some such bullshit but if you go about your business like you should be there and act professionally then you tend to get left alone – at least in my experience, but I will be sure to post here should I get some hassle off someone next time!

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