Summer Solstice

Record crowds, over 30,000, descended on the ancient site of Stonehenge over Yesterday and today to celebrate the Summer Solstice, the time of year when the earth’s axis tilts most towards the sun.
People travel from all over the World for this event and at a little after 4.45am on Sunday morning the cheers rose and the horns and drums played with a little extra effort despite a night of drinking and celebration to mark the sunrise, this year however cloud prevented the sun from making it’s guest appearance but this did little to dampen the spirits of the people there.

The event is attended by a wide range of people – Druids, old hippies and younger ones, travellers, young party goers, older people, families with small children and err photographers! This event is the one and only time during the year when people can get, literally, right next to the stones, some of which are more than fifty tonnes in weight. With the centre of the stones the focus point for the ‘official’ druid ceremonies people radiate out from the centre and wander around or sit with friends on blankets and plastic sheeting holding impromptu jamming sessions with all manor of instruments including guitars, drums, tambourines, violins, flutes and harmonicas.

There was a heavy police presence but this years event passed peacefully with only 37 arrests, although there were obvious signs that drugs still play a part for some at these events, but for most, alcohol provided all that was needed to get them in the swing of things.

Check out the Multimedia tab on my website at for a slideshow from the event.

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