Kenya – Wildlife

No visit to Kenya would be complete without mention of the wildlife. As my visit wasn’t primarily to photograph the wildlife I didn’t take any long glass, but even with the longest lens with me at 85 mm f1.4 I was able to pull in a herd of elephant as they slowly trooped by seemingly oblivious to our presence. I counted 22 in total ranging from the female matriarch at the head of the herd closely followed by what I can only assume was the latest addition to their group.It was an impressive sight seeing them make their way through the bush and nothing you see on television comes close to seeing them in the wild, in their natural habitat. I’ve seen them before on a previous visit to Kenya a few years ago but never this close. Just one more amazing thing about Africa.I also saw zebra, giraffe, buffalo, gazelles, weaver birds, and hippos during the various drives through areas of the remote bush. All of which is a hell of a sight in that environment.

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