Nature Reserve

Tucked away in the middle of a busy military training area in North Yorkshire is a small oasis of natural calm. The Foxglove Covert Local Nature Reserve is a small nature reserve covering several acres and consists of woodlands, ponds and fields that allow many different species of wildlife, some of which are very rare, to thrive.

The Woodland Centre.

Walkers follow the Moor Trail.

Funded through donations from visitors and local businesses the centre is the only local nature reserve that is on MOD land and has developed into a popular centre for lovers of the countryside and wildlife with many trails criss-crossing the area, bird feeders and hides from which to view the wildlife.

One of the two reserve managers, Marion Hannaford and her dog Willow.

Reserve Manager Sophie Benaiges.
Despite the busy and often noisy military training that takes place around the reserve the ‘wall’ of trees surrounding the site keeps the disruption to a minimum and many rare species are well adapted to living in the reserve.

The ponds are home to many rare amphibians.

A trail amongst newly planted saplings.

Looked after by the two reserve managers and a handful of volunteers the site is well maintained and has a modern visitors centre with displays and information boards to educate visitors on what can be seen.

Highland cattle in the nature reserve.

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