Surf Injury

So there I was surfing at Saltburn yesterday, took off on a cracking left-hander, couple of turns later off I came only to feel a big blow on my chin, as I paddled back out into the line up the first sign of something wrong, apart from the stars in front of my eyes was the big piece missing from the nose of my board – probably not a good sign!

Then, noticing the blood flowing heavily onto the board below me as I paddled I reached up and felt a hole in my chin, again, probably not a good sign!!

Three hours, a trip to A and E, two pieces of broken surfboard and four stitches later this is the end result. Nice. Although I ask everyone not to concern themselves too much, you will be relieved to hear that I have been informed that the board should not be too difficult to repair. At least I have an excuse not to shave for a bit. Surf on.

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